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Congratulations on doing a great remake of Hugo's House of Horrors.
Excellent work!

It's a big improvement, especially the character action animations and
sound effects. I really enjoyed playing it again. I like your handling of
the mummy puzzle with the hammer. I guess the original action puzzle was
tricky using AGS. He looked comical struggling to move after you nailed him
down. You captured a lot of the "cuteness" of the original, I particularly
liked Igor pressing the wrong buttons and the "aimless meandering" in the
boat on the lake. Even I started wondering if it was ever going to get to
the other side. You obviously spent a lot of time on this and I feel really
flattered you chose this game to remake. Where were you guys when I needed
you in 1990? I did finally get a professional animator for Hugo 3 but the
first two were pretty crude.

So finally, it's really hard to have to say this, because I know how I'd
feel, but I have to ask you to please remove the download. I'm still
selling the game (yes, seriously after 10+ years folks are still buying
it!) and already customers are getting confused between the two versions.
That's how I found yours, after a customer asked about it. I appreciate
very much that you have not tried to hide the original copyright, and that
you have stated that the game must not be sold and that you have credited
the original author. I believe you have every right to recreate any game
you like "in private" but I respectfully request that you stop publishing
this remake.

Have you considered creating a brand new adventure game for sale, based on
your own new characters and not based on older games? The fact that my
original Hugo games are still selling means there is still a market for
little cutesy games like this, especially if you are using way better
graphics. I have to say I liked your animations and the set piece action
animations were great. If you can get some better backgrounds to do them
justice (i.e. not mine!) you'd have no problem selling some and no worries
about copyright infringement either. If you just recreate classic games
sooner or later you're going to run into some big company's legal
department that is paid to go after little guys and with no compassion. I
know because us shareware authors have to be so careful ourselves.

Talk to me.

David P. Gray
Gray Design Associates