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Since 20/8/2001



18-08- 2001 The Book of Spells chapter III is available for downloading

21-07-2001 I uploaded new zips of the games that contain both Win and Dos versions.

18-07-2001 BOS 3 is almost ready for beta testing.

15-06-2001  BOS 1 and BOS 2 win versions are available

12-02-2001 Some improvements were made in "Book of Spells chapter I".

27-01-2001 Recompiled Book of Spells with AGS V2.14 S2 and fixed a bug with diagonial movement.

26-12-2000 Moved to Angelfire server. Also most bugs in chapter II are fixed so there's an almost final release here.

10 -12-2000 Book of Spells chapter II is available now at the downloads page

28-08-2000 Book of Spells chapter II is available for beta testing.

31-08-2000 I have finished scripting 70% of the 2nd Chapter. You can see the proggress here.  I hope the 2nd chapter of the 'Book of Spells' will be released at Octomber.

11-07-2000 The final version of "Book of Spells Chapter I" is available

4-07-2000 I added a characters page with some images. Also I started chapter's II scripting.

24-06-2000 I have finished most of the backgrounds for "Book of Spells Chapter II".

14-06-2000 "Book of Spells Chapter I" v0.95 is available for downloading ( Some bugs are fixed)

30-05-2000 A beta version of the demo is available at the demo page

16-05-2000 I have finished all the background images of the first part.
I added another screenshot

09-05-2000 A preview of the game is available.

30-04-2000 I made the AGS page.