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The Story

   " It is 1384 A.D. in a small village on small island lived Aarh, the mighty warrior, with his people. One day the truth that was hidden from him had to be unveiled. He was the last one chosen to complete a mission, a mission for which thousands tried and died before him. He had to find the last 10 pages of the Book Of Spells.

The Prophecy was clear :
" Ten thousands years ago the Evil Warriors came  to claim our lands. Our Wizard managed to defeat them using his invincible Book Of Spells. But , alas, the last Evil Warrior stole the Book and as he was flying away tore the pages shouting :
" Be happy now, but we will return after ten thousands years and no books will save you then".

The pages spread all around and for all these  years the warriors were sent to  find them. Time is running shorter and there are still ten pages missing. Aarh
was their last hope for finding these pages , the Evil Warriors are on the way.