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The Book of Spells ch. I Walkthrough

After the intro talk to the priest. Answer yes unless you want to wander in the room and gather some extra points

Then in the village talk with the boy - Take the book and then go west. 

Interact with the bard (You get the lyre) - Go north 

Go the the seashore - Get the pail Go east

Go to the bridge - Get the nest Go west 

Go to the desert - Talk with the gunman - Talk with the gunman again Use the pail on the big rock (The gunman shots it) - Get the pail with holes - Go east

Go back to the village - Get the bottle of milk - Go north 

Go to the forest - Get the sticks - Use the milk with the snake - Get the snake - Use the snake with the pail - Go west 

Go to the mountain - Enter the cave Use the sticks with the branches - Talk to the old man - Exit the cave Go south 

Go to the village - Use the snake-pail with the well (Get the fish)- Go north 

Go to the seashore - Use the fish with the sea (Get the ring) - Talk with the bird Solve the riddle (You get the potion) 

The riddle is: If I say 6 you'll say 3 
If I say 12 you'll say 6 
If I say 10 you'll say... 
The answer is 3 (the number of the letters in the word "ten" ) and so on... 
Go east 

Go to the mountain Enter the cave - Use the potion (You inspire Mozart and you get the pages) Exit cave 

Go south - Go to the forest - Look at the music sheet - Get the bar - Use the page with the book - Use the bar with the lid - enter the hole