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The Book of Spells ch. II Walkthrough

Watch the intro - get the page - shake (interact) the tree - get the orange - go right

Go in the palace - talk to guard - Interact with hole - talk to guard get the shield 

go in the dungeon Get cockney - look bench - use shield with nail - go left Go right 

Talk to the king - use pail with king - go left - go left 

Go to the Greek shop - Talk to the man (get fishfood) - Get mouse trap - get apple get apple again - go left 

Go to the cafe - talk to man - get coffee - go right (you can't ) interact with dice (if you get the right number he will tell you to get a seven) stop playing go left go right 

Get cockney - get pipe - kick (interact )rock - talk to bat - go down 

Go to the cafe - use cockney with cockney (now you have a lucky 4 leave cockney ) interact with the dice (you win a silver coin) - go left go left 

Get pieces of glass - kick (interact) rock use pieces of glass with pipe (got a microscope) - go right 

Go to the palace - go in the dungeon - use microscope with bench - get the coin (and a page) go left - go left 

Go in the greek market - Talk to the man (get apple and trap) - go right 

Go to the cafe (the animal was hit by the rock and is sleeping) - go right 

Interact with cauldron (get the banana) - Ineract with tool box - interact with stool get the cheese can - use can opener with can - use cheese with trap - leave room - go left 

Go right - go in the alchemist's house Look writing - interact with pedestals - put the four colours in the right order 

The four colours are 
Black (coffee)
Red (apple)
Orange (orange) and 
Yellow (banana) 
The right order comes from the first letter of each verse's line (black-orange-red-yellow) enter (interact) the hole 

The labyrinth : 
From the start : right - down - left goes to the lake 
                        : right - up - second left - second down goes to the snake cave 
                        : right - up - left - down - right - up - right - down - right -up
                          goes to the cave with the exit above 

Go to the lake - use fishfood with lake - Get excalibur - use bar with shell (get pearl ) - go right - go right 

Go to the Greek shop (you give the pearl and get the page ) 

Go to the labyrinth - go to the snake cave - talk with snake - go left 

Go to the cave with exit - go in and out until the mouse appears and stays out of his hole - use trap with mouse - get mouse - go right 

Go to the snake - give (use) mouse with snake - interact with tail (get seed ) - go left 

Go to cave with exit - use seed with pod - leave room enter room again (a giant bean tree has grown ) - press (Interact) with bean - go left 

Get the page - go right

Put all the pages in the book - press (interact ) button