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Some words of wisdom about this page

You there. Stop. It doesn't matter if you just stumbled in here, if you were redirected by a friend or whatnot. You are here. That's all that matters. This is the last web page you'll ever visit. I am Helm, elected spokesman of the brotherhood of G.A.C. I was selected solely because of my ability to use proper English, more than anything else, to be your guide around this, your final site.

Before you continue reading this paragraph, you are sternly instructed to remove your underpants
(if soiled, all the better) and position them on your head.

If you fail to do so, we will send Rodekill after you. Believe us, the fate that will befall you in the hands of the Urine god is more than any mortal can handle, so I'd reconsider laughing of this instruction if I were you. Ah, you subordinate. Great. Eeech. Your farts leave stains too? Oh well. Onwards.

You are now certified to use the menu on you left (yes, that one) to browse the site and download our games. And remember, if you don't download Robert Redford Saves the day (the landmark of G.A.C achievement) I'll speedial the Urine God. So there.


Hello and welcome to the GAC page, where all your dreams come true...except of course if you have dreams ,like me, about having sex with penguin astronauts, in that case it won't come me I have tried...stupid no good page! I HATE YOU!
Good evening and welcome to our page. Ignore what the other two said and remove your underpants of  your head. You may use the menu on the left but look behind you .... a three headed penguin astronaut.


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