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Snail Quest I

     The original adventure game parody that started the whole epic. The idea around this one was to annoy the hell out of the players, with it's insanely slow walking speed. It is badly coded, it contains lots of spelling mistakes for a relatively short script and absolutely no gratification after finishing it. In other words: Just perfect. I am most proud of this one. I'd go as far
     As to say it's the BEST ADVENTURE GAME EVER, but then, I'd be slightly underestimating my creation. Check it out yourselves. I can guarantee you you won't know when it'll be over (literally) !

Snail Quest I screenshot

Download Snail Quest 1


Snail Quest II

     I took a long break from game developing after the constant strain of SQ1 (which took 7 hours to make, mind you) and after a few months, I unleashed this little baby. It offers even less player interaction, no interaction at all, actually, stupid plot and is generally quite better than the first one. It's even smaller in the byte count! How about that? Oh, for the record, this is the first
     Official G.A.C publication, 'cause of the "Proud to be G.A.C" motto appearing in the credits. Enjoy. Or don't. It's free, after all.

Snail Quest II screenshot

Download Snail Quest 2


Snail Quest III

     The astonishing conclusion to the Snail Quest saga. The final chapter to end all final chapters. Or just another load of crap. Same thing, really. 
     This one was coded the day after SQ2 and released the day after that day which would mean it was apparently released the day after the day after the day the second one which was in turn conceptualised the day before the day before the day before the day bef... Okay, I'll shut up now. Lots of purty graphics and no plot. The same old thing.
        Realising that this is a milestone in utter stupidity, I stopped making gag games and sat down to make a regular pirate game, as anyone involved in the adventure game scene is obliged to make, at one point or another. 
     The snail is dead, I promise!

Snail Quest II screenshot

Download Snail Quest 3